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The Design Process:

The process begins with Graphic design using tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Adobe Acrobat, and Media Encoder to generate content and a cohesive design layout for the website.

The design process begins by outlining a specific look and feel that is suited to your target audiences and will progress from there using design skills and experience to create a hierarchy system that will help users easily understand and navigate your site. We will prioritise the most important functions and aspects of the website to achieve the best results for your business through functional and seamless web design.

During this phase of your project, we will also outline the functional aspect s of the new website. This refers to the user experience, like contact forms navigation and site mapping to understand how the aesthetic design will work with the functionality of the page.

The price and turn around time for this process will depend on the magnitude of the project and the number of pages needed for the new web site.

The Development Process:

Once we have a finalised design we can move on to the development process. It is advantageous to keep the development and design process separate so that the design process is not compromised by any existing coded framework.

We have a specialist development team who will use their experience and knowledge to code out and program the working version of your new website. This will initially be supplied to you as a working test link which will need your final approval before we make the new website live.

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