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How We Work With You

Our team begins by looking at your business in-depth and then finding a solution that works for your individual circumstances. We don’t simply start with a solution and then fit you into this. The tools may be websites, SEO, social media and AdWords but our experience and expertise connecting these with your business’s unique challenges is the key to getting results.

We run campaigns understanding how to link technical tools with your wider business strategy to generate sales and create growth.

We make the marketing side of your business flourish. If you grow your business through good marketing strategies, this will flow on to every other aspect of your operation.

Business Development Service Providers

For over 11 years we’ve helped New Zealand businesses to grow by attracting new customers and increasing sales opportunities.

Can we help you?

Are you a service-based business that is looking to generate leads?

Or, a product-based business that needs help to sell online?

We have an outstanding track record of producing online-focused business and marketing strategies that create a lot of new opportunities along with immediate growth for your businesses.

Meet the team:

Why Us?

We believe that marketing should never ever be an expense and should always be an investment. Careful planning, deliberate execution and knowledgeful measuring are the keys to achieving that.

We strive to be leaders in our industry, and to deliver the best possible return on investment for our clients.


E-Commerce Consultant & Shopify Specialist

Jen offers a hands on approach to e-commerce! Having worked with many business owners, she takes the time to ensure their website is set up to sell, and easy for the entrepreneurs behind them.


Managing Director & Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

Yusuke has been heavily involved in the digital space since starting his first online business at the the age of 15. Since then he has helped hundreds of businesses an Australasia get online and succeed.


Digital Advertising
Campaign Manager

Our social media and paid advertising guru, Georgia, will ensure your paid advertising is a hit. She is experienced in beautiful, bespoke digital advertising campaigns that help your business realise more success


Senior Web Developer &
Server Specialist

Wynand is our technical specialist that ensures all our clients’ websites and marketing infrastructure is corrrectly set up. He is a specialist in his field with some of the best insights on how to save you money through streamlining and tidy web coding.


Project Manager &
Marketing Nerd

Wayne is here to guide you through the design process and make sure everything runs smoothly, correctly, on time and to budget. His experience in marketing and project management will endure your undertaking is managed efficiently


Digital Marketing Consultant
& Executive Assistant

Dasha is the newest member of the UP team. She brings to the table an expansive history of business development and client relationship building. She continues to expand on her skills and there seems to be no limit to her future. Keep an eye on her!

Our Process

Most business owners come to us asking us for a new website or an adwords campaign, or social media advertising. In most cases we understand the objective for the client is to grow their business, often by picking up new and more clients through an increase of sales opportunities. That’s what we do. How we do that comes from understanding our clients, their target customers resources. With developing a robust strategy and plan we can then execute anything from branding, website design, SEO, AdWords, social media or a raft of other techniques delivered at the right time in the right way to attract new clients to them.

Our strategies and processes are logical, rational and always within a clients financial and time commitment means – then wrapped up in creative genius.

We believe that marketing should never ever be an expense and should always be an investment. Careful planning, deliberate execution and knowledgeful measuring are the keys to achieving that.

Our Partners