What does working with UP look like?

Stage 1:
Book a Consultation With a UP Professional

This can be in the form of a coffee date or a zoom meeting where we go through the scope of your project. Here we identify the goals and aspirations you have for your business and we discuss how we can reach those goals. We will also use this session to identify which service offering you may need the most to get you to your business goals the quickest.

Stage 2:
Analysis, Planning & Strategy

In this crucial stage of the game, we focus on understanding your business on a deeper level to identify where your digital marketing efforts are falling short. For example, we may need to analyse your website’s search engine performance to spot weaknesses and correct them. Another example would be reviewing the design of your business’s website to make sure it is legible and precious sales leads are not being lost due to difficulties navigating the website. We then formulate an action plan presented in the form of a marketing proposal.

Stage 3:

There is not much to explain here. We simply implement the strategies and tactics outlined in your proposal once it is approved by you and you are officially onboarded to the Up family.

Stage 4:
Review & Coaching

Once implementation is complete the next step is to review the performance of your new digital marketing efforts to track growth as well as improvements and “pivot” if necessary. We may also suggest coaching to empower our business owners to sustain their own business growth. Alternatively, our UP family is always welcome to sign up to our monthly marketing management programmes so that we can take care of the marketing of the business while you take care of doing what you do best in your business.

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