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What is SEO?

SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, is the activities conducted with the goal of increasing the organic rankings of your website within search engines such as Google. 

This is not to be mistaken for Google Adwords, which is paid advertising on Google. SEO is done to give your website the best chance at ranking well in and gaining traffic through the organic section of Google and other search engines.

We break down our SEO service into 2 parts – on-page and off-page SEO. 

On-Page SEO

The first part is called ‘on-page SEO’. On-page SEO is focused on the content that exists on your website. Conducting on-page SEO involves several steps. First, we want to ensure that Google is able to understand your website and index the web site’s content into Google’s own database properly. We do this by making sure the web site’s code is set up to the right standards for Google.

Next, we make sure that your website’s written content and metadata reflects the right keywords so that Google knows what your website is about, and what search terms your website is relevant for. To ensure that your website is in the best position with Google, we also ensure that Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are set up and working properly. On-page SEO makes sure that Google understands your website, but it does not necessarily tell Google that your website is important. This is where the second part, off-page SEO comes in.

Off-Page SEO

Now that Google understands what your website is about, it’s time to convince Google that your website is important. For Google to understand that your website is important, it looks at activity happening online that is NOT on your own website. We do this by creating online hype for your website – content that links back to your site in various forms, including but not limited to articles, blogs, business listings and social media content. Most of this content is designed for Google’s benefit rather than for human eyes – the exception being Social Media.

This will see your website rise in rankings over time, and those rankings mean to increase exposure to your target audience. More people coming to the website means more sales opportunities for your business. The rate at which your website rankings rise largely depends on how active the other websites competing for the same keywords you are. Off-page SEO takes longer to build momentum, but can bring a very powerful return on investment in the long term.

Google Business Listings

Having a Google Business Listing is essentially establishing your business information on Google. By having a Google Business Listing, customers that Google searches your company will be able to see information regarding your business location, phone number, reviews and much more.

Your business does not need to have a physical office that customers visit to have a Google Business listing, your Google Business listing can also be set up to show the area that you offer service to. A Google business listing is an effective way to ensure your business is well represented in Google and gives customers additional ways to find your products and services.

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