How can I develop my digital skills?

Social Media Training

Many business owners have a difficult time driving their social media accounts to engage more with their prospects and audiences. That is why we have developed a training programme that empowers business owners and their staff to leverage social media to help sustain growth for the business.

The average Facebook user accesses facebook 8 times in a single day. This means that you have 8 opportunities every single day to appeal to a single
prospect. Multiply that by your following and advertising reach and you will get an idea of the enormous impact social media can have to drive
success into your business.

Our Social Media Training is developed to empower you to utilise these powerful tools to stay competitive and effectively grow your business.

CMS Systems Training

When the content on your website becomes outdated and needs to be replaced and no one in your team knows how to make these small changes that keep your site relevant, it can be frustrating and really hinder growth opportunities in your business. We have created a training programme that helps our clients manage the content on their websites so that they keep their website performing well with relevant information.

With unpredictable times like today, it is growing more important to be able to adjust your communication with your audience at short notice. Your audience will usually go to your website for any COVID related updates or other updates when they are unsure of something. It is very important that your audience is able to see this information to be informed so that you don’t lose sales. Our CMS training will empower you to keep your clients informed.

Shopify Training

It is difficult to run a successful e-commerce business or online store without the necessary training and knowledge. Mistakes could happen on the back end of your online store which could cause problems for your potential buyers which will intern affect your sales. We offer training to help you and your team manage your online store efficiently and correctly so that opportunities are never lost.

Your online store is a money-making machine that needs constant tending to and management to run effectively and keep doing its job which is to produce sales for you to ship out. We have found that many of our enterprising entrepreneurs lack the technical skills to keep their e-commerce store well oiled and well managed to cause things to slowly go astray. We help to empower entrepreneurs with the skills they need to add new products to the store and remove others, changes pricing or run specials so that they can harness every opportunity that comes their way.

Sales Training

Do you lack the sales skills to convert sales leads into actual sales? Our sales training programme will help you with the sales skills you need to convert sales leads into buying customers.

We found that many of our customers spend a great deal of money on marketing to generate sales leads but do not have the sales training to convert those leads into dollars. Our sales training programme has helped countless business owners and employees to make the most of every opportunity generated by their marketing spend so that your return on investment is much more profitable.

Analytics Training

There are thousands of business opportunities out there to be harnessed but the problem is spotting those opportunities and discovering where they are hidden in the marketing place. With our Analytics training, you will learn how to spot these opportunities before your competitors.

We will train you on how to spot trending search words on Google so that you can meet demand where it lies in the market. This will give you an edge over your competitors because you will be able to analyse and act on opportunities much faster than they will. We will also provide additional knowledge and digital marketing tools that will help you act on these trends in a timeous manner so that your business can work towards dominating one or many niche marketing in your segment.

Grow your business
by growing your skillset.