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What is Social Media for Business?

From the perspective of a business, you can think of Social Media as both online word of mouth and an active advertising channel which makes this a very powerful marketing tool. You can place your message in front of your desired target audience, in a creative and impactful way to promote your business. Unlike other advertisement channels, it’s a 2-way communication channel with your audience which provides you with the opportunity to engage, build relationships, and educate your potential customers.

Social Media Management

We firmly believe for any business to market themselves well on Social Media, the business can’t outsource 100% of these tasks (with very exceptions). For this reason, we prefer to take a collaborative approach to Social Media strategies.

We work directly with a designated person within the business to build their Social Media competence, whether that be a staff member of the owner themselves. Unleashing Potential can provide technical training, as well as strategy and content planning consulting. Unleashing Potential will also offer consultation services and can manage the advertising side of the campaign. Your business, under our guidance, will look after regular content posts, and engagement with your audience.

Social Media Agency Auckland

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