How can I generate more qualified sales leads?

Scope of work:

To fully understand chatbots and why they are such a powerful tool for your businesses, read our online ChatBot flyer.

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To set this service up for you we will engage your business and get to know your and your business fully to be able to program the chatbots according to the customers they need to serve. This process is quite meticulous and needs to be set up correctly the first time. Luckily, at UP, we have the best minds in online marketing to make our chatbots highly functional and effective so that you can focus on improving your business while our chatbots collect sales leads for you in the background.

Some of the Services Included:

  • Setting up automated chatbot service.
  • Integrating the AI chatbot service.
  • Setting up small graphics like profile pictures etc.
  • Basic copywriting for automated chatbot responses.
  • Social media integration for chatbots on your social media pages.

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