Mobile Website Design & Optimisation

Mobile devices are now becoming a tool which searchers use to surf the web.

Mobile phones are practically ubiquitous, and half of all mobile owners use it as their primary internet browser.

No matter how beautiful your website, it is a simple fact that a site which has primarily been designed to be viewed on computer screens quite possibly does not display to a satisfactory standard on mobile devices such as iphones, ipads and other smart phones. Further, a website designed for desktop use will not be able to take advantage of what makes mobile users distinct.

Mobile websites are totally different from desktop websites and mobile users utilise these sites in an entirely different way. This presents a unique challenge, but also provides unique opportunities, as the immediate action that can be taken with a mobile website allows you to market to mobile users far more quickly and effectively.

Here are some of the features of a mobile website:

  • Click-to-call buttons
  • Click for a map
  • Easy to read
  • Most of the mobile users search for a local business
  • Most of the mobile users take action during the search
  • Mobile users are available throughout the day

Why do I need a mobile website?

Sometimes it is daunting for mobile visitors to browse websites which are not optimised for their mobile devices. These issues range from the significant, such as certain web features not working with mobiles, to the subtle, such as certain buttons and links being unnecessarily hard to access from a mobile. If you don’t want to exclude these mobile visitors then it is important to have a mobile friendly website which is effective and conversion driven – just like its desktop friendly counterpart.

Unleashing Potential are adept at creating mobile device websites specific for mobile devices. Your domain name stays the same; our system is so intelligent that it recognises a mobile device has hit your website and displays your site accordingly. Our smart, effective and highly professional work allows your website to stand out amongst the competition.

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