Antivirus & Online Backups

As your website and contact details become easier for potential customers to see, so to does it become easier for spam bots to pick up your emails address and start sending you spam and perhaps malicious emails.

Make sure your computers are safe of this kind of attack. A good antivirus software is essential for minimising this risk to your business. Contact us today to find out how to obtain a world leading antivirus, fully monitored software to keep your business safe.

Back ups are also critical in case anything happens to your computer or computer system, software or hardware related. Everyone knows backing up data needs to be done, But how many of us regularly backup our systems manually? How many man hours of work could you potentially lose if you lost your precious data? - Days? Weeks? Months? Don't let this happen to you, protect your computer and back them up!

Contact us today to discover a online backup system, which back ups your data automatically.