SEO Discovery Workshop

Are you a business owner? and keep hearing about this "SEO"?? What is it? How can it effect your business?

Perhaps you've explored further, but have no idea whether the leap into doing SEO is going to pay off for your business?

Well now there is a workshop for you. Our SEO Discovery Workshop will go through what SEO really is and how it can benefit your business, marketing and sales.

Our 1 and a half hour workshop environment with a maximum of 8 business owners we will go through

  • A Explanation of SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
  • Discover how to research keywords and the amount of people searching them (they are your potential customers)
  • a simple formula with actual figures about YOUR business to discover if your investment will be returned dollars in your pocket or just far to risky
  • find out potentially how many sales your business could be missing out on

So come join us at our next workshop:

Venue and time to be announced
Investment - $199+gst

Seats are limited to 8 business owners, Register now to reserve your seat!

Don't miss out on opportunity.

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