Looking for an eCommerce web design company in New Zealand? Unleashing Potential are more than just web design.

Shopping cart sites are one of our specialities, in addition to all kinds of e-commerce. There are “dime-a-dozen” companies which are providing SEO and website design service, but only Unleashing Potential brings it all together: eCommerce, web design, company marketing and website optimisation.

Our holistic approach ensures that all aspects of your website and online marketing work smoothly together, complimenting one another rather than conflicting.

Quality shopping systems

Websites with shopping carts (websites which feature purchasing) need to run smoothly, or risk losing customers. Security is essential for websites with shopping carts; websites which aren’t secure run the risk of putting off shoppers, losing you goodwill, losing you customers and losing you money.

Avoid at all costs the fly-by-night eCommerce web design companies; Unleashing Potential is adept at handling your web design, shopping cart and search engine optimisation needs.

Complete solution For e-commerce & shopping cart  websites

We combine eCommerce, web design, company branding online and more into affordable packages that other eCommerce web design companies simply are not able to match.

We know that Google is all about user experience and we are experts in the features that make an eCommerce/Shopping Cart website user friendly:

  • Credit card processing
  • A secure payment gateway
  • Local support
  • Easily add products
  • Fast setup
  • User friendly designs that work
  • Search engine & mobile friendly
  • Flexible products, inventory & shipping
  • Clear navigation
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Cross sells products

In any eCommerce project, a large investment of time involved:

  • Installation and configuration of software & payment gateways
  • Adding graphic elements, categories and products
  • Individualise the base package
  • Establishing shipping charges

Web design companies can’t compete with Unleashing Potential’s expertise when it comes to web design, shopping carts and Search Engine Optimisation. We provide best solution for:

  • Web sites with shopping carts/websites for eCommerce
  • ECommerce, web design, SEO & companies’ Logo Design in NZ
  • Safe, secure & successful features for shopping cart websites

The Boss Program will lead you through how to create an e-commerce business from scratch. Even if you don’t know what your new business is going to sell, let us guide you through the process of how to source it and what to do!

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