Online Marketing

89.5% of New Zealanders are currently connected online, and that number is only increasing.

That’s more than the viewership of any television programme, any billboard, any ad on the side of a bus. Internet-based marketing therefore has the potential to reach an audience that dwarfs that reached by traditional marketing strategies.

Online marketing is far-reaching, fast-growing and cost effective

The internet is a place of immense possibility, and online marketing can leverage that possibility to make your business a success. It can connect your business with potential customers all over the country, and indeed the world, and transform existing customers from passive consumers into active supporters of your brand. Online marketing has the power to completely change not only how we do business, but what our business does for us.

Old habits die hard

Despite its incredible capabilities however, many New Zealand businesses still cling to outdated marketing models - systems which seek to force one’s product onto customers, irrespective of whether or not they are interested. From the customer’s perspective, traditional advertising is an easily-ignored annoyance, while to a business they can serve to damage goodwill and provide insufficient return on investment. Many of the businesses that do attempt to take advantage of online marketing spend great amounts on creating beautiful websites, but then don’t understand how to actually bring people onto them.

Effective online marketing specifically targets your desired customer demographic, it reaches out to a far greater audience than traditional marketers could dream of and it engages that audience in ways that are interesting and enjoyable through social media.

Holistic internet marketing strategies

At Unleashing Potential, our online marketing experts specialise in maximising your online marketing success – from your website to social media to backlinks and SEO to direct business email marketing, we put together a holistic internet marketing strategy. Our online marketing experts use the latest research and data to turn the traditional marketing model on its head. We make it easy for you to Be Seen and Be Chosen and create an impressive online presence for your website across the full spectrum of internet marketing media.

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