Unleashing Potential - The Boss Program

Wanting to create an additional income stream for you and your business? But needing guidance, ideas, and the how to's?

The Boss Program will lead you through how to create an e-commerce business from scratch. Even if you don't know what your new business is going to sell, let us guide you through the process of how to source it and what to do!


Be your own BOSS!!
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Spaces limited to only the most motivated entrepreneurs who are looking to create an additional income source, either for themselves, their family or existing business.

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The program covers:

As a participant of this program, you will align with industry experts, be guided through this journey step by step and reap the benefits of being involved in a mentor group limited to only members of the BOSS program. 

Stage One

  • Identify and source the right products for you and your target market.
  • Create a business plan.
  • Design of your business logo.
  • Design and build of your E-commerce website.
  • Building up your audience.
  • Launching your live e-commerce store.


Stage Two
Successful strategized marketing for your e-commerce business
Effective management of your e-commerce store and programs
Continuation of our mentor program in a group environment with other Boss program participants

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