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How does Unleashing Potential relate to Whangarei and Northland businesses, while we are based in Auckland you ask? Many of our staff our Northlanders including our Managing Director! This gives us a passion for working with northlanders and Whangarei businesses. We understand that right now Whangarei and northland in general is in a growth phase, and that for most businesses in Whangarei they look to local providers to assist them in their growth. We also understand that many, perhaps yourself like to support local business and don’t like to deal with “Jaffa” based businesses. Just because our office is in Auckland, don’t hold that against us, we understand the northland mentality and we are just has friendly and supportive as any other northlanders.

Here’s perhaps a few reasons to consider to engage with us

  • We support Whangarei businesses and local sports teams
  • We are passionate about the growth of Northland businesses
  • We have a Northland spirit and friendliness
  • Despite not currently having an office in Whangarei we are often in Whangarei and other areas of Northland.
  • We have big city and international knowledge and experience whilst keeping a small business, grassroots feel to our business.

Are you representing a Northland based business that has a target market of nationwide cliental or even international cliental? Then we are the company for your to partner with. More than any other local web company, we have the expertise to take your brand, service and products to a nationwide audience via the web. We have our speciality in Search Engine Optimisation, which can attract your target audience from Kaitaia to the Bluff to your website. Our web designers are some of the nations best in being able to convey the right compelling message to your nationwide audience. 

Contact us now on 0800 876 275 or email click here to email us

A few of our Northland based businesses


Our team members from Northland

Yusuke Inui

Grew up in Whangarei. Went to all Kamo schools, primary, intermediate and high school.

Alicia Morley

Attended Kerikeri High School, and helped to establish a backpackers in Kerikeri shortly after her high school years.

Iain Spanhake

Iain currently lives in the Far North and works with our team remotely. Iain previously ran Monster Graphics in Whangarei.