Viral Videos of 2011

Here are two of my favourite videos that went viral last year.

The first is a video of dancer Marquese Scott. His extra ordinary dancing ability made this video reach 33,000,000+ hits in six months. From this he appears on the Ellen show and has gained nationwide fame in the US, and internationally. I think when we watch this video, we all wish we could move like him.

The second video is a great example of good online marketing.

Blendtech, a US company making high quality blenders, just couldn’t understand why they were having a tough time selling their blenders in face of competition with cheap imported blenders. They knew they needed to reach the masses to demonstrate why their blender was so much better than others.

The Youtube video series “Can we blend it?” was born.

Hosted by the director of Blendtech himself, they seek public suggestion on what to blend in their blender – iphones, golf balls, Justin Bieber merchandise. Since this video series on Youtube, sales of their products have soured. Think how far reaching this campaign has gone, and think of the cost. This must be far more cost effective than running TV ads for the reach it has obtained. Take a look...

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