The Scoop: Twitter and Facebook in Your Car??

That’s right, cars are being made now with Twitter, Facebook and other modern communication integrated into the dashboards of Toyota,Mercedes-Benz and Fords. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the articles below where I found this info from. Most of this article discusses the safety of having these distractions a very valid point. It seems to be that’s its already happening, and that these features have been designs and the vehicles are being built as we speak with these features.

What comes to my mind obviously as an internet marketer is that is it even more important now to be utilising social mediums for your business. I would expect if Facebook and other social media are being incorporated into vehicles, then if not now, very soon I would expect there will be search features incorporated into these vehicles, for consumers to search and find services and products. Imagine finding a Thai restaurant or mechanic nearest where you are and that you can check out on your vehicles Facebook before making the decision of heading there.

The realm of marketing is constantly changing and consumers search and methods of decision making change. It is changing fast, as business owners we have to keep up. There’s a bright side also too. Many forms of marketing online are usually more cost effective than traditional forms, with a wider reach, and more targeted audience.

A different article stated that the reason manufacturers developed these features was due to customer demand. That also tells me that there are lots of people who want Facebook so badly they want it in their cars! As a marketer this is yet another indication how important it is to use social media for business as there many people (and growing) who use social media. Businesses have an opportunity to market themselves to the masses – very cost effectively.

If you think your business might benefit from marketing more effectively online, or you think that perhaps your marketing hasn’t changed in the last 5-10 years, give us call we would be happy to provide a free no obligation consultation.

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