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As the name suggests PageRank ranks the importance of a web page. Interestingly enough though, the name “PageRank” is named after its developer Larry Page. A happy coincidence perhaps.

So why is PageRank important in understanding your site?
PageRank is a measure of how important Google views your webpage. And why is this important? In search engine optimisation, we are trying optimise a website so that it is seen as being more important for a search term than its competitors by Google and will therefore place that website at a higher position on Google search results. All this is done by the way, to gain more traffic to the website. Traffic means people usually prospects.

I’m not going to go into this article as to how Page Rank works or how it is measures your web pages, it’s very complex.

However, as a marketer or a business owner, it is important for you to have a fair idea of how your website stacks up in comparison to your competition. This will help you determine who are the key leaders in your industry that are playing the game well online. You might find your doing well, or you might find that your missing out.

Do a Google search and install the PageRank tool for your browser, you might alas find that your browser might have this tool already installed. PageRank will tell you what Rank the pages of your site are, or any other site – most importantly your competition. The tool is often seen as a green bar near the top of your browser, but other displays of it also exist.

PageRanks is usually measured out of ten. What is really important is how your doing against your competition. If the home page of your website is only a 2, but the rest of your competition is a 0 or 1, your doing well and Google will most probably see you as being more important than them. If however, your competition are all a 4,5,6 and you are a 2 then your in trouble and you could be well missing out on gaining traffic and therefore online prospects.

Sub pages will also have a different PageRank to the home page of the website. If you find that some of your pages have no rank, not even a 0, this means that that page hasn’t been indexed by Google, ie. Google doesn’t know that page exists and therefore can’t be ranked or show up in Google searches.

If you find that your behind with your PageRank against your competition, come have a chat with us.

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