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Knowing and measuring your sales tool – your website is vitally important to understanding your websites strengths and weaknesses. This in turn allows you to understand what are the improvements that need to be made, and the opportunities that present itself.

Google Analytics is a great tool to incorporate into your website which gives you statistics on traffic coming in and flowing out of your site. It allows you to see where traffic has come from geographically, where from the internet they found your website, and a ton of other information pertinent to understand how your website marketing is going. In short, every website not only should have, but needs it.

If you aren’t using Google Analytics and would like to have it, please let us know. We are happy to install Google Analytics and give you some basic training on its use for free. No charge what so ever. We feel it’s such an important tool for businesses to use.

Contact us here to request getting Google Analytics setup on your website.

*Please note there maybe a waiting time, and that some websites we may not be able to install this on your behalf.

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