Garth Partridge

President of New Zealand Professional Speakers Association & Sales and Marketing Consultant

Committed to the improvement of New Zealand businesses, Garth is a professional business mentor with over 30 years of industry experience. He has a background as a business owner, growing a small family-run store into a successful multi-outlet business, and now shares the skills he learnt with other business owners as CEO of an Auckland-based business mentorship company. Garth provides assistance and training in business development, financial management, relationship building and leadership, and has been honoured with the prestigious Business Mentor of the Year award from Business Mentors New Zealand. He currently serves as one of the expert judges for the Westpac Business Awards.

Garth has years of experience in helping business owners attain their full potential, which he both brings to Unleashing Potential as an advisor and also stands to pass along to our clients. He is passionate about helping business owners find success with their businesses, both in terms of business growth and finding balance with the rest of their lives. An innovator, Garth is continuously educating himself about future technological and business trends and developments, and so brings to the table not only the knowledge of how business has been done in New Zealand for the past quarter-century, but also the understanding of how it will be done in the years to come.

With Garth on board, Unleashing Potential has access to one of the industry’s most highly regarded business experts, and his wealth of experience, knowledge and business connections, all of which can be used to aid customers in developing their business.