Logo Design

Logos portray the values and image you would like to share with your audience about your business. A good logo should also pique the interest of your potential customers. A logo customers can remember means they are more likely to remember you when they are in need of your services, and refer you to others.  

Logos are also the center piece in which the branding, design, look and feel of your website revolves around. A good Logo opens the path to a good looking attractive website.

Unleashing Potential is a web design and development company that specialises in creating creative logo designs and online branding for both new and existing companies in New Zealand. Our experienced website design and programming team can ensure all your branding needs.

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If your business doesn't currently have a logo or you are looking to modernise or completely re-vamp your logo, we’d love to hear from you. Simply complete our enquiry form or call on 09 443 4209 or email us at info@unleashingpotential.co.nz.
Our Logo Portfolio
  • Crucom
    Logo Redesign
  • MadCat
    Logo Redesign
  • Laidlaw Pictures
    New Logo Design
  • Delta TSL
    Logo Redesign
  • Dive Site
    New Logo Design
  • The Blue Print
    New Logo Design
  • Gait Doctor
    New Logo Design
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